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Before We Introduce Our Product Let’s Look at Our Happy Customers!

“I suffer from severe arthritis and varicose veins, which make me feel pain and very uncomfortable even unable to fall asleep whole night. My regular doctor recommended Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch. It is very useful and easy to use just to wear it on feet.Use it every day,my meridians are opened,and I feel very relaxed. After using it for 3 weeks, I saw obvious changes. Mine, varicose veins disappeared, some accumulated fat masses and swollen lymph nodes also disappeared! My body is healthier and lighter than ever before.”

– James Perez

“I have been in pain due to leg swelling, and the main reason I decided to try it was due to pain, After weeks of using this Slimfast™ Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch, my swelling has gone. I can now move around my flower shop without limping or feeling pained. I use it once a day because I know it helps with my lymphatic drainage and in relieving aches and pains.”

Krystal Nowacki


“ I always suffered from belly fat and bloating. When I saw it I didn’t have high expectations as everyone is different and what works for someone might not work for another. But a couple of days after I started use Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch. I noticed that my belly size went down and not only that but I felt that I’m not bloated anymore and overall felt better. I guess it helped with my digestion too.I use Slimfast™ Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch once a day,It works great. It feels as if it is detoxifying my body. I use it 6 weeks,I feel better now.”

Kathryn Coombs 


What is Detoxification?

Detoxification has been used for centuries by cultures all over the world, as well in the medicine system. This process is done by flushing out all toxins and impurities from the body, specifically through the liver, the cleansing house of all these toxins, and feeding it with healthy nutrients.

The many toxins that enter the bodies through food and drink as well as those present in the environment constantly attack them. They are deposited as body fat when the liver’s capacity for detoxification declines as a result of constant loading. It will result in a sluggish metabolic rate, various health issues, and weight increase since fat will start to accumulate in other places of the body.

A scientific study has shown that the principle of thermal circulation can promote blood circulation to the arteries on the bottom of the feet to lower the venous pressure and restore the normal posture of the vessel wall membrane while lowering the venous pressure, helping patients with varicose veins and all leg and foot problems. This is why the Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch are so popular.

The Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch is use to the sole. These detox foot Patch are formulated with substances that aid flushing out of toxins. These Patchs are preferably used at night as these provide the best results when kept for a period of 4-8 hours. This detox foot patch eliminate toxins through sweating.

What is the importance of the thermal effect cycle for detoxification of the body?

From a medical point of view, the various arteries on the bottom of the human foot are connected to the heart, which needs to be responsible for the blood supply to all the organs of the body. When the blood supply to various organs of the body is sufficient, the organs can get enough oxygen from the blood to speed up the discharge of accumulated toxins and promote blood and lymphatic circulation.

Studies have shown that the heart can get a stronger blood supply when the blood circulation is unblocked and promoted through the principle of thermal effect circulation to help the soles of the feet. The blood flow to the legs is accelerated and smoother at this time, and it helps to change the posture of the vessel wall membrane, preventing blood from accumulating in the lower extremities all the time, which prevents the accumulation of large amounts of blood that can cause venous valves to break down and create high venous pressure, thus stopping the appearance of other leg symptoms such as varicose and spider veins.

HOW Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch WORKS?

The Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch stimulates bodily tissue and boosts blood flow on the foot to lessen edema. While warming your feet, Absorption of herbal ingredients,you may help the body remove toxins. With continued use, the body may effectively remove moisture.It aids in bodily cleansing by eliminating impurities via your feet

Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch can produce heat sensation without preheating. It accumulates heat in the foot. Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch are based on heat circulation and use multi-directional foot heat circulation to help users promote and unblock blood circulation on the bottom of the feet. These Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch 6 kinds of herbal to effectively stimulate blood and lymph circulation in the body to relieve varicose veins and reduce fluid accumulation and cellulite in body tissues. It also helps the body organs to discharge harmful wastes, relieves body fatigue and mental stress, and allows the body to fully relax. After a day of lifting weights, it can help relieve foot pain. You can even wear it while working.

Consist of 6 Key Ingredients for Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch

  • Ginger – Ginger contains powerful compounds called gingerols, shoals, and gingerdiones which are rich with antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help stimulate the body’s natural cleansing and detoxifying process by eliminating waste and toxins. 
  • L- Arginine-L- Arginine contains an organic compound called amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that are essential for a variety of bodily processes and functions, including blood flow circulation, reducing swelling and flushing out toxins hidden in fat and bones. Our lymph system consists of lymph nodes that appear as lumps under the skin when the body is fighting infection brought on by germs such as bacteria and viruses. L- Arginine is clinically proven to absorb deeply in your body and open your lymphatic system, remove congestion and create healthy detoxification pathways to lighten your toxic and waste load accumulated in your lymphatic drainage.
  • Mugwort –Mugwort has the effect of dispelling cold, dampness, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, mugwort also has the effect of meridians
  • Saffron -Saffron has the ability to detoxify, relieve depression and calm the mind, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and regulate liver and kidney functions.
  • Lemongrass –Lemongrass is also known as lemongrass because of its lemon aroma, and has the ability to improve digestion, deodorize, and fight infections.
  • Lavender-Lavender has the ability to help insomnia, improve sleep quality, help body circulation, relieve anxiety and stress

What makes the Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch very effective

  • Effective Lymphatic Detoxification
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Speed Up Metabolism & Fat Cells Apoptosis
  • Helps sleep relieve pressure.
  • Safely and efficiently expels excess fluids or toxins.
  • Reduces feet pains & tiredness.
  • Decreases removes swollen glands and legs.
  • Improves your metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Can promote the sleep quality.
  • Complete solution for varicose veins
  • Improved immunity – Its all-natural components permeate the body and provide further protection against serious ailments.

Here are some happy customer who tried our product

“I tried out the Slimfast™ Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch last night. I wore it, Very warm, feel relaxed body. I felt the detox traveling through other parts of my body ( my tummy ), giving a soothing feeling. I love these, highly recommended ! I slept very well!”

– Jesus McClanahan 


“I am so glad I tried this Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch. I have always had leg cramps and as I got older, I noticed that my legs were swollen and it was affecting my work. After using it daily and working on my legs all day, my swelling started to change and my pain decreased. My legs now look much better because this foot patch has boosted my confidence. After 5 weeks of use all the cellulite on my body has disappeared and I am slimmer,I am very happy with the change and I am very relaxed.”

– Damon Holton


Let’s Hear Vanessa Cullen‘s Story About This Majestic Product!

“At first, I was dubious, but after just a week, I’m down 10lbs. The end effect is beautiful, and I was extremely thrilled! But I remained incredibly dubious! Many claim that they lose a significant amount of “water weight” at the start of any cleansing or diet. I didn’t want to draw any conclusions right away; I wanted to wait and see what happened over the coming weeks.”

“The detox patch is simple to attach and remove. I put it carefully before going to bed and handled it carefully, but it did not fall unexpectedly. NO KIDDING, I literally feel the fat is burning in my sleep. After 4 weeks of using Slimfast™, I can feel that I am having a high metabolism because I clearly had more energy. I can sleep better and even longer than before.”

“My family and friends are perplexed because I don’t work out, but I appear to be more slim. “After 8 weeks, all my doubts were gone! I was down another 21 lbs. It was much more comfortable than eating a diet food with anxiety.”
“I must admit that my final results were incredible and far exceeded my expectations. I have lost an incredible 53 lbs since I started using these patches. Look at the new me!

— Vanessa Cullen 


This Foot Patch saves you tons of money!Several customers here at the office have already used this and have seen positive improvement already. This alternative can save over $2,500 per year from expensive gym visits.
It can relax the calf muscles and help relieve muscle pain. Suitable for people whose legs, ankles, or feet are sore and achy from being on their feet a lot.

  • Avoid Expensive Sessions
  • Avoid time consuming Appointments
  • Use in the Comfort of your own home
  • ​Powerful Strength
  • ​Use when traveling!


1.Open the package an take out the Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch
2.Gently pull up the elastic band and put it on the foot
3. The heating pad part can be aligned with the desired part of the foot(Can be used while you sleep for maximum fat burning results)
4.Just remove after use, no need to wash

Package Include

1 x Slimfast™ Herbal Warmer Steam Lymphatic Drainage Foot Patch(6 pieces)

Our product is a permanent solution for health problems(Varicose Veins,Varicose veins, slimming, sleep, etc.). According to most use cases, it is recommended that you buy 5 boxes or more. It will completely solve your problem.


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